An Intermediate Guide to IoT: 3 Practical Capabilities for Your Business

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An Intermediate Guide to IoT: 3 Practical Capabilities for Your Business

In our Beginner’s Guide to IoT last month, we offered an introduction to three of our popular and user-friendly solutions available for businesses of any size and scale. But once you’re up and running with an initial spread of connected capabilities that give you direct data into your consumers and/or personnel, you might be ready to explore more of what IoT can offer – especially after witnessing the power of Radianse ROI.

If you’re curious about what comes next as far as how to make your business digital, this Intermediate Guide to IoT can help map out the possibilities. Together, we can problem-solve the challenges facing your company and help you stand out in your industry.

Inventory Management

Whether you run a hospital system or a distribution fulfillment center, overseeing an operations’ moving pieces can be an ongoing struggle without the right framework. Slow, manual processes affected by the unpredictability of missed maintenance or human error leave the door open for bottlenecking, underperformance or even inventory shrinkage

With Radianse, you can get streamlined visibility into your organization’s track-and-turn processes. Best of all, you’ll save countless hours of work – and expenses – associated with data entry, supply chain management and resource upkeep. As your business scales, we help eliminate the growing pains of inventory counts, escalating alerts and complex reporting. It’s a great, easy-to-use way to ensure that resources are always ready when your team needs them.

Data Automation

There are a lot of tools available that tout the importance of collecting data, including insights into your workforce, your consumers or both. But we’ve found that one of the biggest issues for clients is what to do with business data once you’ve collected it. An unclear path forward leaves many business owners and operators feeling overwhelmed. Our time-saving automation capabilities put your data to work, skipping labor-intensive manual tasks in the meantime. By organizing findings, handling large content imports and putting key details at your fingertips, your team – and you – will be freed up to focus on higher-level initiatives.

Personnel Safety

Many of our clients come to us because they want solutions that take better care of what’s most important: their people. In a wide range of industries, failing to establish the proper support structure can lead to unnecessary missteps, consequences and risks for your organization. These oversights can leave employees feeling misguided, or even unsafe, at work. Our Personnel Safety capability can help develop defined safety and compliance protocols for any industry. From real-time location information for field employees to sanitization protocols for the gym industry, these comprehensive safety tools were designed to deliver better security and compliance for your team and your customers.

Take the next step

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all method for business needs. To get a tailored recommendation, our friendly, knowledgeable team is happy to discuss your goals and how we can reach them. We even have demos available to give you a first-hand experience with our products!

Transitioning from your initial IoT setup into a greater range of cost-saving and time-saving connectivity capabilities doesn’t have to be difficult. You can always count on the Radianse team to make things approachable – while solving some of your business’ greatest challenges.