Real-Time Patient Status and Healthcare Solutions

The Radianse Healthcare Solution gives you insight into any patient’s real-time situation data immediately and precisely.  The combination of patient tracking  and the Radianse Awareness Suite allows you to access live information on a patient’s progress within their care process. 

Software from Radianse lets you see how patients move within your facility and through their care cycle.  Industry-leading tracking, a simple web Fast Find interface, and the intelligence of the Radianse System help you improve patient safety and effectiveness.  Find a patient for a routine procedure or emergency care.  Intervene if a patient wanders and becomes disoriented.  Measure and manage care processes.  Significantly reduce wait times with an organized system that gives you real-time insight into patient, staff, and equipment location and status. 

The Radianse solution also allows you to maintain live information on personnel, assets, and equipment.  Control real-time situation awareness of all resources while having the ability to view historic data from any web-enabled device.  Have access to this information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

With Radianse’s technology, you have the visibility needed to execute first rate facility management.  Expect improved satisfaction from day one and a return on investment in weeks to come.

Use Cases

Rental Management

When equipment is rented to replace lost or hard to find items, if rentals are forgotten and stored as “owned” which racks up large rental fees, and if owned equipment is not fully utilized, a Radianse System can help by locating rental equipment easily so it is never forgotten, giving insight to daily rental cost reports, and providing reports to increase the utilization of owned equipment & reduce rental needs.

Patient Location & Throughput

When patients have to wait long periods of time for care & have lower satisfaction rates and when it is difficult to locate key staff members when needed, a Radianse System can help by locating staff members so appointments can begin on time, setting up alerts to alarm when a patient has been waiting unattended for a set duration of time, and reviewing associations & interactions to identify bottlenecks.

Wander Prevention

Patients can endanger themselves by wandering out of safe areas, and wander-prone patients make facilities vulnerable to law suits. A Radianse System can help by creating alerts when patients come near a boundary or restricted area and providing views to all patients’ real-time location.

Safety & Effectiveness

The Annals of Emergency Medicine recently published a study concluding that longer wait times in emergency departments were directly associated with 5% greater odds of inpatient death.  Having the ability to always know real-time patient and staff context data provides tremendous opportunities to reduce patient wait times, improve overall safety, and optimize clinical effectiveness.

From the moment of admission, a patient wearing a Radianse ID-tag is always visible to the care team.  With a simple query of Radianse Patient Tracking, a patient can be located by any authorized personnel.  When both patients and clinical teams are covered by a Radianse System, the Smart Sense technology offers an unbiased and accurate way to collect true measures of patient care processes from door to provide-time, changing wait-time to face-time. 

What sets the Radianse Healthcare Solution apart from other systems is the patented and integrated combination of the most critical, advanced technologies.  The Radianse System utilizes these methods for automated and comprehensive real-time situation data and awareness.  It offers monitoring and historical data analysis with the Radianse Awareness Suite user application.  By embracing the combination of available technologies where and when needed, Radianse provides a healthcare facility with the flexibility necessary to improve overall business processes.

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