Safety. Security. Dignity.

Technology that Enhances Resident Care

The Radianse eldercare solution provides tools that allow residents individualized levels of freedom and mobility.

Wander and elopement

A majority of people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other related memory disorders will wander and are at risk for elopement. Radianse’s system enhances safety systems while maintaining their dignity and reduces manual staff intervention. Our wearable device is waterproof and discreet to blend in with consumer wearable technology.
The Radianse system for staff efficiencies and management allows you to quickly see the precise location of all staff in real-time. Staff can also send notifications through the same system to inform others of emergent situations regardless of their location inside or outside your physical building.
Residents and staff aren’t the only people your facility needs to monitor. Many senior living facilities use manual, inefficient solutions to record visitors. One system from Radianse can bring visitor management online and reduce the manual record keeping.
Finding and tracking equipment is just one of the mundane tasks that Radianse can automate for your facility. Our system automates this process, so staff is no longer burdened with time consuming searches and record keeping.
"Reducing 'hunting and gathering' for medical equipment can have a meaningful impact on the length of a patient's stay. With Radianse, we were able to discharge 700 more patients annually, which creates life-saving availability."
CIO, Global Healthcare Leader

Experience that Counts

Leading global healthcare organizations rely on Radianse for real-time monitoring systems.

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