An Expert Guide to IoT: Ultimate Ways to Implement IoT Technology

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An Expert Guide to IoT: Ultimate Ways to Implement IoT Technology

Maybe you’ve read our previous article about IoT for Beginners – or even the Intermediate Guide – and it inspired you to start imagining all of the possibilities that real-time data could bring to your industry. We like the way you think. That’s why, today, we’re excited to be sharing our Expert Guide to IoT. In it, you’ll find future IoT trends and IoT developments in 2021.

It might make you wonder, “What can you do with IoT?” Or, perhaps more appropriately, what can’t you do with it? Although the possibilities are virtually infinite, we’re here to help you extract the use cases that deliver the best benefits to your consumers and/or employees. As you collect more data and see the patterns that emerge, you’ll discover more opportunities that keep your business growing 

IoT by the Numbers in 2021

The data is in, and it’s showing a promising future ahead for IoT across multiple industries. But with more data, of course, comes more challenges. Radianse’s accessible approach to IoT is the perfect solution: We specialize in helping you effectively map out your data and uncover what it’s telling you. It’s a strength of ours that’s led to a majority of our clients seeing ROI in less than a year.

Big Data and Machine Learning for Smarter Decision-Making

When paired up with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, IoT becomes an unstoppable asset. For starters, it gives users the ability to process incredible amounts of data at never-before-seen speeds, all the while cranking out data-driven recommendations. This acts as a major competitive advantage, especially for early adopters, who will enjoy the benefits of smarter decision-making with impeccable accuracy and forecasting. Think of it like having a tool to analyze your business’ past and practically predict its future.

Until now, sorting through massive data sources used up significant time and personnel resources. With the adaption to cloud platforms, that’s rapidly changing. These systems take some of the most time-intensive tasks, like maintenance and reporting, and automate them. Actionable data that’s so intuitive, it practically runs itself? We call that a win-win.

Employee Transformation

In the past, smart building technology was somewhat limited to basic functions. Employers could track their energy usage and efficiency, or lack thereof. They could also keep tabs on their workforce’s productivity. However, modern innovations have unlocked the ability to completely transform the way IoT integrates into your workspace.

For example, you can now help keep employees safe with devices that can track when they’re in the field. Or maintain compliance and reduce incident accidents with continuous environment monitoring. By focusing on core priorities, you’ll improve your bottom line and reduce risk.

Connected Machines for More Efficiency

When every minute counts, connectivity can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a major loss of revenue. Keeping machines online and minimizing downtime plays a huge role among field service firms and other industrial businesses. As the demand for more connected assets and machines becomes the expectation, IoT can help industries keep up.

Sensors can alert remote experts when repairs are needed or predict effective servicing schedules with more accuracy. These efficiencies add up to noticeable cost savings in labor and equipment over time.

There are no limits to the possibilities with IoT

With reliable connectivity, responsible security measures and strategic data management, the real-world applications of IoT are generating opportunities across nearly every business vertical. But to fully realize its benefits and savings, you need the right partner to guide you through profitability and effectiveness measures.

Radianse’s track record is proven in multiple industries, including fitness, health care, eldercare, corrections, energy and more. We leverage our experience to help businesses turn their visions into complex IoT integrations and system deployments. To see how we can help you future-proof your operations, drop us a line and let’s talk technology.