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The Radianse Difference: Hear From Our Customers

At Radianse, we’ve worked with clients in all kinds of industries. We’ve seen what the power of IoT technology can do for their businesses, and they’ve never been shy about telling us exactly what they think. We are who we are because of our clients, and – whether it’s positive or constructive – we always take their feedback to heart. It’s incredibly rewarding when they share stories about how our tech has helped make their businesses more successful, and we know that our job is to always keep improving our offerings for their benefit.

Below are a few quotes from real Radianse clients that help to illustrate some of our key values.

 “When we saw the value of the Radianse Fitness Solution, we knew immediately that it was the right system for us.”

– Kevin Caballero, Regional Manager, Planet Fitness

This is really what it all comes down to for us – value creation. We’re in this business because we believe in the power of IoT solutions, and we know what they can do to strengthen your business and help your customers. It’s why we invest in our tech and why we try to make the whole process of implementation and support as easy as possible. Just because technology is advanced, that doesn’t mean it should be complicated. It should serve to enhance your operational efficiency. When you contact us, we’re going to start by listening to what your needs are so we can understand what will create value for you. Then, we’ll be there at every step to make sure your system is delivering what was promised.

“The customer service at Radianse is always quick and helpful. Amy does a great job following up with recent orders to ensure you are set up for success!”

– Reid Wolfe, Regional Manager, Choquette Group

To us, customer service is just as important as technological reliability. We mean it. You could implement the greatest, most advanced system in the world…but if no one is there to help make sure it works as intended and to help you solve problems along the way, it’s almost worthless. When you work with Radianse, you’ll have a dedicated team at the ready to help you with whatever you need. We’re here to make things easy and to ensure that you don’t have to stress over your tech; you’ve got a business to focus on. It makes us incredibly proud to consistently hear feedback like this from our clients.

“Any suggestions and ideas for reporting changes, ease of administration, and even specialized reporting requirements from the NJ Department of Health were responded to quickly and effectively by the Radianse Systems Team.”

– Don Thomas, Franchise Owner, Thomasa Group

We’ve mentioned already that our approach is built around what will create value for your business. A huge part of that is customization. We don’t do turnkey solutions you pick from a pre-set menu. Instead, we have a variety of technological tools we can offer, and we work with you to figure out how to put all the pieces together to accomplish your goals. And if you have specific needs, suggestions, or requirements, we want to hear them! You know your industry and your operation better than we ever could, and our systems work best when we’ve collaborated with a client during development.

Whether it’s creating value, providing clients with excellent customer service, or collaborating to build something amazing, we’re passionate about every part of what we do. If you’re interested in using taking advantage of IoT’s capabilities to move your business forward, reach out to us. We’re here to talk to you straight and answer any questions you may have. Then when you’re ready to go, so are we.