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5 Industries Taking Advantage of IoT

IoT and connected technology are powering progress all throughout the global economy. In almost every industry, adopting new tech advancements can lead to better processes, enhanced efficiency, greater profitability, and a stronger end user experience. But 5 industries in particular have embraced IoT in ways that have led to rapid progress and made a real difference in the lives of everyday people.

Read on, and then decide if you’re ready to see how IoT can transform your business. Radianse is the definitive expert in this space and can assign a dedicated team to help you assess your needs, implement the perfect connected system, and support you every step of the way.

Manufacturing is Building a New Way of Doing Things

The manufacturing industry has long been an expert in using connected systems and automation to increase efficiency. So it’s no surprise that the heaviest investments in IoT are happening in this space. With asset monitoring capabilities, manufacturers can keep an eye on equipment performance, conduct preventative and predictive maintenance when needed, and automate recovery after failures. Additionally, maintaining a network linked to products lets them conduct real-time data collection on how customers use their products, which can aid R&D of future iterations.

Healthcare is Treating a Variety of Pain Points

The Healthcare industry in the 21st century is a massive machine made up of many interconnected parts. And in any industry like this, there are going to be some pain points (see our article “3 Healthcare Pain Points IoT Can Fix”). The problem is: these pain points end up negatively affecting patients who need care to improve their quality of life. IoT systems help care providers improve efficiency to cut down on patient wait times, monitor patients’ vitals when they’re away from the office, and provide telehealth services that create more equitable access to care regardless of where a patient lives.

Transportation is Going to Exciting Places

This is another industry heavily investing in IoT. The need for freight has exploded in recent years (even moreso during the COVID pandemic), and transportation companies are looking for any way to help them equip drivers for success, optimize fuel usage, and perform efficient maintenance. Equipping vehicles with connected sensors helps keep constant track of routes and enables monitoring of wear and tear. Driver behavior can also be monitored for insurance purposes.

Energy is Harnessing a New Kind of Power

Whether it’s electric utilities or oil and gas companies, IoT is helping to supercharge their ability to deliver energy where and when it’s needed. Beyond just the capability to monitor equipment at plants to ensure proper function and maintenance, IoT is helping to create the smart electric grids of the future and connected oil pipeline infrastructure. Any breakdown in energy delivery can be hazardous for real people, and through monitoring and automation, this new technology is playing a big part in ensuring reliable service.

Consumer Electronics are Getting Smarter Than Ever

While consumer products aren’t necessarily a primary driver of the growth of the global economy, they’re still part of a space where IoT adoption is happening very fast. From digital assistants to security systems, to HVAC devices and appliances, to connected cars, consumers are enamored with the idea of smart homes that make their lives easier. As these products are adopted, companies can collect real-time data they can use to make their technology even smarter and more helpful.

Every industry has the potential to benefit from IoT technology, and it’s time you jumped on board and started experiencing the ways it can transform your operation. Just because this technology is advanced, that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Radianse is ready and waiting to show you what the future feels like.