January 5, 2018 – Radianse enhances Correctional module usability

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January 5, 2018 – Radianse enhances Correctional module usability

Rochester, NH — Today, Radianse announced several enhancements to its SkyView Correctional Facility Application Module.

The Radianse SkyView Correctional Facility Application Module is a set of tools, dashboards, and unique features specifically designed for prisons, jails, rehabilitation centers, and other detention facilities. This purpose-built application centers on tracking location to drive process improvement, enhance facility safety, and drive better operational decisions.
“As we continue to provide an effective and valuable tool for corrections professionals, we are constantly looking to enhance the produc.t” said Chris Allen, Radianse Director of Sales. “We now give correctional executives a global view of their facilities by allowing a “satellite view” dashboard with zoom capabilities. We now provide the ability to drill into any one of their facilities with the click of the mouse”

“Staff tells us that they love how convenient the new capabilities are,” said Chris Allen, Radianse Director of Sales. “People can get an at a glance view of the location of detainees and quickly view the identity of anyone at any location at any time.”
Each inmate (and staff member/volunteer) is monitored and tracked, with the resulting data being used to understand behavior patterns, improve inmate and staff safety, control contraband, understand elopement statistics, and provide insight into relationships within the facility.

About Radianse

Radianse is the leader in providing intelligent solutions that automatically integrate an ever expanding list of data sources into real-time actionable intelligence.  Radianse is able to assist today’s dynamically changing industries in areas ranging from location awareness, patient satisfaction, inmate rehabilitation, safety, customer service, to green initiatives in the fitness industry.

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